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What is RhythmOn?
Music is a World within itself, we help you discover your World in it. RhythmOn started off as Project solely fuelled by Passion and love for Music, and driven by the fervour to create purpose for the Artists whilst aligning with OUR MISSION:- To provide a platform for Artists and Music Lovers to Connect, Collaborate and Discover World Music.

RhythmOn is a first of its kind online platform which incorporates every aspect of indulging in music. From helping one take their first steps to learning, to putting their music out into the world all while helping connect with people with similar interests and opportunities globally. What more? Get access to a variety of genres of undiscovered/underrated music all under the same roof, Gain global recognition as an Artist whilst collaborating with Artists all around the World. RhythmOn has two features that users can make optimum use of as per their needs- Rhythm Community : A social community for Artists to Connect and Collaborate with other fellow Artists and Music Lovers Globally.

Rhythm Music: An App with endless quality and diverse music specially curated for its listeners from undiscovered/underrated Artists from all over the World.